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Favourite Quote - Imagination

Written By Cinta Menora on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | 5/03/2011 11:00:00 PM

"We differ, blind and seeing, one from another, not in our senses, but in the use we make of them, in the imagination and courage with which we seek wisdom beyond all senses."  
- Helen Keller, lecturer, author

Do you know that everything you were, everything you are and everything you will be was, is and will be, first conceived in your imagination?

You have had and will continue to have thousands of great, wonderful thoughts a day. Things that, maybe, you and only you will ever have thought.

Can you imagine if, for just one day in your life you took action on them?

If just for one day you could develop the courage to reach beyond the safety of what you already know and take a leap toward uncertainty?

Could you imagine?....

Why not make today that 'one day'?

Why stop at mere imagination?

Make today a day to take action and bring your dreams to life!

I am going to do it now ... but first, I have to start dreamingzzzzz ....

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  1. i'm in my comfort zone...
    i ain't going anywhere...

  2. then come and join me ... we make our dreams to life ...

  3. Den tak berapo faham falsapah inferris nie....Mr .long dulu tak ngajar Den pasal falsapahx ini. Yang Den tahu I am what i am and thats 'what i am....quote.. Popeye the sailor man !!!

  4. alahaii .. den tongah mombayangkan nie .. den cdo jadi popeye ... kakaka

    sapo lak si olive yg malang yg jadi girlfriend popeye tu, ek?


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